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        Spy cams are becoming increasingly popular. Given the times, it has become very essential to protect homes, valuables and loved-ones. Spy cam reviews published by various consumer electronic magazines and web sites devoted to the subject are a useful method of researching the product before you take a purchase decision. Here are some snippets from consumer reviews about various spy cams.

        Customers find the mini wireless cameras to be very useful for covert operations as their presence is hardly noticeable. Moreover some cameras have a line of sight up to 1000 feet. They can have 9 hours battery back up and are portable. The image quality of these cameras have been rated 9 on a scale of 10 and customers are highly satisfied with the performance.

        Hunting cameras are becoming necessities for hunters nowadays as more and more individuals rely on the information that they are able to provide with the use of this gadget. With the help of trail camera, hunters and game photographers are able to observe their targets without physically having to be there making them a lot more effective in terms of preparation and action later on. But which type or features exactly you should be going for?

         To be able to answer the question above, you'll definitely want to learn more about trail cameras. Luckily you won't really need to go far. You only need some of the most basic, yet essential facts that one should know about when starting out.

        The very first things you'll want to learn more about are the benefits and importance of such cameras. The reason for this is simple, irregardless of trail cameras being effective, it still requires a bit of getting used to. This means that unless you are patient or interested enough to fully understand all of its features, you won't be able to fully benefit from it.

         The next thing you'll need to decide on would be the type of camera that you're going to get. There are generally two types that you'll come across on the market, film and digital. How each one works is pretty self explanatory so deciding which one you'll be working with should be pretty easy. Just note the possible pros and cons of each so that surprises won't be an issue later on.

         One of the keys to a successful trophy deer hunt is the ability of the hunter to scout they are he/she is planning to hunt. Technology has expanded the hunter’s ability to do this.

         The foremost piece of equipment available to the hunter for year round scouting is a wild-game camera. Trail camera technology continues to advance with each and every hunting season. The information that these scouting cameras provide, makes them one of the most important investments an avid deer hunter can make.


      Importance of Using Hunting Camera

         Hunters who employ the use of wild-game camera year round are given a unique insight into the happening of the fields and woods which they hunt or manage. The ability to see the migration patterns of the whitetail and other animals at all hours of the day and during varied weather conditions can prove to be valuable when planning our next hunt.

         This ability is thanks to the leaps in technology made by trail camera manufacturers each year. Advances such as picture centering technology, HD photos and videos along with the ability to view this information from anywhere in the world gives the hunter extreme flexibility and knowledge of his game.

         A wild-game camera is a must for every serious hunter. These cameras allow you to scout out a hunting area without having to actually be physically present. These trail cameras can provide you with vital information about the age, sex, and condition of the animals in a particular area. You can also use these cameras to get information regarding the feeding times and population of game before you go hunting.

         One of the most important functions on a game camera is the date and time. A camera which does not record the time that a picture was taken is more or less useless. Without knowing when the animals travel through a particular area, the pictures taken become little more than scenery shots. There are even game cameras available that can record the temperature, barometric pressure, and even the phase of the moon when the picture was taken. The more information that a hunter has the more successful he will be.


      How Choose the Right Camera

         When purchasing a game camera it is important to choose one with enough resolution. A camera that takes low resolution photos might not provide a detailed enough image of the animal to provide any clear information. The higher the resolution of a camera, the more expensive it will be so there is a definite trade-off between quality and price.

         It is also important to consider the sensing mechanism before deciding on a camera. One that has a wider angle will provide you with a higher quality images. The trigger time of a camera is also an important feature to consider. The faster a camera's trigger time is the more likely it will be to capture images before the animal leaves the frame. It is also worth noting that different cameras require different storage cards. When you choose a digital trail camera do not forget to purchase a high capacity storage card. If a camera runs out of storage space it will no longer be able to take photographs and will be little more than expensive toy sitting alone in the woods.


      Usage of Hunting Camera

         By now, at least one hunting camera should be a part of your "tool kit" for a successful season. But are you using it to your maximum advantage? Here are some basic rules to help you gain the most benefit from your camera.

         One of the benefits of a scouting camera is to minimize the effects of human presence in the hunting area. Toward that end, make every effort to reduce human scent in the area near your camera placement. Deer smell the scent of humans on low-lying vegetation as it brushes against your pants. Wearing rubber boots and gloves can reduce scent transfer. Some hunters have even used PVC waders to reduce or eliminate odors in areas with tall grass or brush. While it may be inconvenient, it may well prove worth the effort when you bag that big buck you've been watching.

         Check your camera infrequently. It may be tempting, after placing your brand new camera, to go back a couple of days later to view your images, but keep in mind your reason for your investment. You want to observe deer patterns without actually being in the hunting area and alerting deer to your presence. When you do check your cameras, do so during midday when deer are least likely to be up and about.

         PPlace cameras where they are accessible without disturbing deer bedding areas. Deer don't like surprises and it may alter their behavior. Deer who have been badly spooked may leave the area permanently or at least for this season.

         Place your camera above the direct line of sight of deer. It should be mounted about 3 feet off the ground and 10 to 15 feet from the place where the animals are expected. While some infrared cameras can detect motion up to 50 feet, that range is affected by temperature, animal size, and speed of movement. In addition, with an infrared camera, images obtained from a distance greater than 50 feet may not be of the quality you desire.

         Hunters who follow these practices will find intelligent use of their trail camera to be a definite advantage.




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