AC-821 IR Hunting Camera

  This unit has been designed for entry level users at an affordable low price. It is built-in with a 4M pixels high-resolution digital camera with many benefits of advanced features and technology while trying to simplify a hunting game as much as possible.

  To help achieve this, the controls are divided into two sections, Digital Camera Control section and Motion Sensor Control section. Setting and operating for the digital camera is similar to operating as many traditional digital cameras that you are already familiar with. The 1.5’ color screen on top allows you to view pictures in the field and program for many camera options. Another small LCD on the lower displays all scouting settings of the motion sensor to let you know the details of current scouting status when you open the cover any time. Push buttons on upper portion are used for camera options change, other buttons in lower portion are used for scouting setting change.

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Shot faster, View wider, Working longer
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Camera in Field:

For hunting game, Field trail, home security
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