AC-833s Trail/ Time Lapse Night Vision Camera

This WildSpy Cam unit has been designed to build-in a 8M pixels high-resolution digital scounting camera with an integrated Time Lapse camera 2 in 1. With a lot of benefits and advanced technology in the design, users who expect trying to simplify a hunting game as easy as possible can also take many professional game images in the field. To help achieve this, the controls are divided into two sections- Digital Camera Control section and Motion Sensor Control section. Setting and operating with upper buttons for the digital camera is similar to operate as many other traditional digital cameras that you are already familiar with. The 2.4’ color TFT screen allows you to view pictures more clear in the field and program for general camera options easier. Another small LCD and the buttons on the lower displays and controls all scouting settings for the motion events. You know all details of current scouting status immediately when you just open the cover.

  Not only be a scouting camera, it is an all in one solution camera for creating Time Lapse images. All shots will be converted to a time lapse video with our recommended free software. Just turn it on, set the time interval and shot capacity, frame your subject, let it record, you will get a several amazing time lapse shots during scouting period. You can select a battery free operation by adding an external solar power pack for this model. Just connect it to the solar model SO6-3W easily, no longer to pay for a costly battery set and allow your camera will be working as long as you like in the field.

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5M cable, Adjustable Mount on any where
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Shot faster, View wider, Working longer
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For hunting game, Field trail, home security
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