AC-852 Invisible Night Vision Camera

     This No Red Glow Infra-Red Black Flash WildSpy Cam has been designed for wide range applications such as Animal trail, Hunting trail, Home security, Warehouse monitoring as a surveillance device. It provides great illumination up to 50 feet with internal true black flash w/o visible red-grow to avoid spooking animals or thief. The Rapid-Pulsing Infrared Technology helps to brighten for higher quality pictures and videos under lower current consumption.

    It will be triggered by any movement of live animals or human in a location, detected by a sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensor, and take a capture instantly within almost a second. It is built-in with a 7M pixels high-resolution digital camera with many benefits of advanced features and newest technology for maximize your scouting efforts and more easily operation. To help achieve this, the controls are divided into two sections, Digital Camera Control section and Motion Sensor Control section. Setting and operating with the upper portion for the digital camera is similar to be operated as many traditional digital cameras that you are already familiar with. A sound recorder function is useful for hunting diary. All wonderful wildlife and natural sounds will come with each video clip. The 2.4’ color screen on top allows you to program for many camera options and view pictures in the field. Another small LCD on the lower displays all scouting settings directly and monitor the current scouting status, event counts, as well as battery life.

    The buttons in lower portion are used corresponding to each scouting options change individually. It is also equipped a ports for optional of adding more external wired NRG-IR boosters (referred to our IR booster series IRX-22B) to increase 2~4X illumination depend on a number of boosters to be connected.

The product is specially designed for outdoor application and is resistant against water and snow. optional camouflage housing keeps the camera hidden.

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Invisible, Rapid-Pulsing High Power IR, Wildlife Sound, Cheaper for Big Sale
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For hunting game, Field trail, home security
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