IRX-20W Wireless IR FLASH booster (Cordless IR Extender)

     WildSpot IRX-20W wireless booster is made with the RF Technology to enhance any type of general IR cameras /Monitors to capture more brighter and clear night pictures and video without a wired connection.

  One camera will support unlimited such booster units that depend on user need to boost how much great illumination to improves the image or video quality within 100 feet.Security function enables you to code for a workgroup in the area. This helps multi-camera users identify the group without interference each other.

   One port for an optional wired extender and the other external power port for solar powered pack support.

Available Options :
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Solar PW Pack Supported:

No more internal battery needed, Adjustable Mount on any where
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Model Character:

Cover wider, Save Power, Work Group, Solar PW Support
More Benefits

Booster in Field:

Enhance Quality on hunting game, Field trail, home security
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