SO6 Solar Power Pack


  • Come with a high conversion efficiency polycrystalline solar panel, our Wildspy solar power pack system series is your perfect companion, keeping your wildspy camera on the go without worrying battery issue in a wild field. It is ideal for all Wildspy-solar trail camera models and any other device which will be supported within the ratings and power interface.  With an on-board battery and adjustable solar panels, the Solar power pack supply to your camera with all day high capacity energy as long as you like.


  • The 1Amp output of the  SO-6 Wildspy solar power pack  support a target trail camera or a device at the same rate as by a typical external wall charger or battery pack. On average, this power pack goes from zero to full in just under 6~8 hours of full sunlight. It will allow your camera to take more than 2,000 night pictures or 1,000 day  time 10 seconds video clips. It means user does not much worry about it will not be sunshine everyday. On the other hands, your camera system will work continuously for 10 days even without sunlight after one time fully charged.


  • The Wildspy solar power pack has a 3 DIGITS LCD with blue back light to allow you to watch a captured energy from the SUN at night time, Push the button once, the LCD indicate the percentage of battery level. The ingenious design of the power pack  offer a spot light to be useful in a dark field while press and hold the button for 3 seconds. The power pack has three standard USB ports which allow you will change difference length cable to the Solar panel and to your camera or target device as well as be pre-charged from any 5V/1A standard cell phone battery charger while you do not use it for a long time.


  • With a rugged construction and tough case ensures that Wildspy solar power pack is built for real animal trail and home or industrial  security use, and set of mounting attachment means it can be securely fixed to any wall; pole or tree. A simple design mounting is adjustable for optimal sun angle from 15 to 65 degrees. You can mount the solar panel away from the Camera with the attached 3 meters cord and you can extend for a desired distance by an optional extension cable simply. Either the solar panel or power pack, they are designed under a waterproof, weatherproof, lightweight portable solar powered condition for your trail camera. Whether you're a new user with entry level camera or an advanced user having a professional trail camera, you expect to enjoy a wildlife trail much longer, this is the right choice for you. 

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    High efficiency conversion, One day fully charged, Long Life battery
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    For hunting game, Field trail, Quick Charge Cellphone, ect...
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