AC-863s Invisible IR Flash plus Time Lapse Hunting Camera

   Ultimate Function:   This No Red Glow Infra-Red Black Flash WildSpy Cam has been designed for wide range applications such as Animal trail, Hunting trail, Home security, Warehouse monitoring as a surveillance device. It provides great illumination up to 50 feet with internal true black flash w/o visible grow to avoid spooking animals or being observed by thief.

     For higher quality night pictures and videos with a minimized power consumption, the IR Flash made with Rapid-Pulsing Infrared Technology will convert less current for enhanced super power to increase much illumination for game. It is built-in with a 8M pixels high-resolution digital camera with many benefits of advanced features and newest technology for maximize your scouting efforts and more easily operations. To help achieve this, the controls are divided into two sections. The 2.4' color screen allows you to program for many camera options and view pictures in the field. Another small LCD on the lower displays all scouting settings directly and monitor the current scouting status, event counts, as well as every things you want to know in a real time. A few dedicated buttons are used corresponding to each scouting options changing individually. A port for optional Solar Powered system SO6-9V is another benefit for users that no longer install traditional Arkiline batteries in the field.

    Not only be a scounting camera, it is an all in one solution for creating Time Lapse images. All shots will be converted to a time lapse video with our recommended free software. Just turn it on, set the time interval and shots capacity, frame your subject, let it record, you will get amazing time lapse videos during scouting period.

     With a built-in audio and IR cut feature, this trail camera will take an amazing true colorful video with natural sound. You won't miss any details about trail information and scounting environment by using an unique Voice Memo feature like you have pocket voice recorder with you during game season.

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Solar Powered Pack Supported:

5M cable, Adjustable Mount on any where
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Invisible, Shot faster, Trail/TimeLapse, Solar Supported
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For hunting game, Field trail, home security
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