IRX-22B BLACK FLASH booster (Corded IR Extender)

   This WildSpot Black Flash Infra-Red booster can enhance the quality of night pictures and videos from your invisible black IR trail camera. With the exclusive Rapid Pulsing Infra-Red Technology, it will generate high powerful output of IR illumination under 40% less power consumption than other regular design to boost up your black IR camera. Also, a great benefit for user that it can convert any kind of visible Red Glow camera to be a totally black IR camera. It will be triggered either directly from an IR camera which is already equipped with an IR-Ext port or with a gooseneck IR sensor probe, it is used to sense a visible IR from camera through a visible shielded environment in order to upgrade for a totally black IR camera system. Made with water- proof material, it is suitable for any in/outdoor applications.

    To block any Red Glow leaking, two accessory parts are provided for shielding the visible Glow from camera and allow booster to get a way to detect a moment of capturing synchronously. After a simply decoration processing, human will no longer see any more visible IR Red Glow and the invisible IR booster will be instead of the IR light source on your camera to work at night.

This booster is also equipped an IR-OUT port to allow you for extending more up to 4 units of boosters in a serial connection in order to get greater than 2~4x illumination.

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Solar PW Pack Supported:

No more internal battery needed, Adjustable Mount on any where
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Cover Wider, Invisible, Solar Supportted, Fit all Camera,
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Enhance Quality on hunting game, Field trail, home security
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