Solar Panel Series


  • Come with a high conversion efficiency polycrystalline solar panel, our Wildspy solar power pack system series is your perfect companion, keeping your wildspy camera on the go without worrying battery issue in a wild field. It is ideal for all Wildspy-solar trail camera models and any other device which will be supported within the ratings and power interface.  With an on-board battery and adjustable solar panels, the Solar power pack supply to your camera with all day high capacity energy as long as you like.

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    Power Kit to Support Device directly
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    High efficiency conversion, Water Proof, Easy Installation
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    For hunting game, Field trail, home security
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    Product Related Optional Parts

    5 Feet extension cord Too Short? Extended longer between Panel to power pack
    360 Mounting kit Can't turn? Buy this unique design kit
    Install Accessary Can't Install? Provide a Solution to get it work

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